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4 States Garden Tractor Pulling Series

Join us in 2024 for our 6 Pull Points Series to compete in PA, MD, WV, and VA. 
There is a one-time fee per tractor due at signup to enter points for the season. The lowest scoring hook for the season for each tractor in points will be dropped. Because there are 6 points pulls, the top 5 pulls for each tractor will be tallied for the final points score.
2024 Points Pulls:
5/18 @ 9:00: Johnsville Community Ruritan (Johnsville, MD; Points)
6/8 @ 9:00: Rohrersville Ruritan Grounds (Rohrersville, MD; Points)
7/11 @ 5:00: Franklin County Fair (Chambersburg, PA; Points)
8/14 @ 5:00: Clarke County Fair (Berryville, VA; Points)
9/28 @ 9:00: Fall Pull @ D&D Motorsports (Smithsburg, MD; Points)
Picnic @ 12:00 / please bring a dish to share - Rain date of 10/5
10/12 @ 9:00: Gladhill’s Tractor Fall Farm Show (Jefferson, MD; Points)
Class Listing

1) Youth
2) 4000 16 HP

3) 4000 20 HP
4) 4000 25 HP

5) Max Stock

6) Poor Boys 
7) 5000 Single Govern
8) 5000 Twin Govern
9) Stock Altered
10) Pro Stock
11) Mod Twin             
12) Super Stock
13) Open Class

Classes 1-12 weigh 1050#

Open Class weighs 1150# and will consist of Diesels, Motorcycles, and Tractors from 7 through 12.

Other classes NOT listed may still be run depending on the time frame allotted for pull

(just not for points).

Each tractor may be entered into multiple classes but only once per class. 

Sponsors are welcome as well. Please reach out if you have a business or organization that would be interested in sponsorship.

Additional non-point events may be added. Not all pulls are points pulls.

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